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    Derrick Brotrane: Dawgs, as much as us guys at Casino Bros like to brag about being the best of the best of the best, when it comes to casino reviews, it never hurts to get an opinion from other users.



    Well, sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn’t.
    Believe it or not, when your boy Derrick does a Casino Review, I also like to check user reviews (if there are any). Every time I actually do find user reviews, there are usually two sides of the coin.

    • One side is filled with actual players giving actual good pros and cons about a casino. These dawgs usually point either one thing they like or on thing they don’t like. Really helpful stuff and they have my respect.
    • Then we get to the other side… the one where every single post goes something like this: “WORST CASINO EVER! 1/5 STARS! I SPENT $1,000 AND GOT NOTHING! BOO-HOO”

    Needless to say, dawgs, the other side isn’t much help. So, take it from your boy Derrick: when you are on the prowl for user reviews, ignore the latter and focus on the former.

    FYI: Just because someone loses money in a casino, doesn’t make the casino bad. It just makes it a… well… a casino!!!

    Peace, dawgs!

    I like to check out user reviews too but you are right about people whining for losing money. I can’t stand those, bro.