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    BC.Game has some of the most unique bonuses I’ve ever seen in any online casino. Instead or relying on deposit bonuses and free spins, BC.Game mixes things up in an interesting way.  


    There are a bunch of mini-bonuses that players get as they play games and interact with the community. For example, BCD Unlock is a meter that slowly fills up when players play games and deposit funds into the casino. When it fills up, players become eligible to receive a bunch of BCD (their native crypto that’s equal to $1). 


    Players also have daily and weekly tasks, as well as achievements that they can complete in order to get more rewards. Many of these won’t even require a deposit. The casino seems to care more about maintaining a happy and healthy community rather than focus on raw money-making – a strategy that seems to be working beautifully.


    Another thing worth mentioning in terms of bonuses is the so-called Shitcodes (yes, that is the actual name). These bonus codes are given randomly to all players throughout the community and when players enter them, they get small rewards. Players themselves can send each other tips as a sign of goodwill.

    While exploring the website, players can find hidden characters that, when clicked, will award players with some minor amounts of BCD. 


    The best thing about all of these rewards is how they all improve and evolve as players progress through the VIP. Not only does the VIP give players better bonuses but it also unlocks more features of the casino. Honestly, the most fun I’ve had at BC.Game was just reaching new VIP levels and learning what I would unlock. 


    Your boy Derrick can’t praise enough how much I love this bonus system. It’s so different from everything I’m used to so much so I seriously want to stop writing this and just go back and try to progress to the next VIP level.

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