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    Things get really interesting when you start to play games at BC.GameCasino. Seeing as how this is an online casino, you’d assume that online slots would be displayed in the front, but that’s just not the case. You actually have to navigate over to the Slots category in order to access the online slots. I know, I was surprised too, dawg.


    What they DO offer is the house special – BC Originals! BC.Game heavily pushes its own library of exclusive games, which I applaud. Not only do these give you the best odds but they are also some of the most fun I’ve had in a casino in quite some time.


    In a nutshell, BC Originals are basically modernized versions of classic table games. You have games like roulette, baccarat, video poker, and other staples. But you can also find less popular games like Minesweeper, Coin Glip, Tower Legend, and, my personal favorite, the Dice Game (a.k.a Hash Dice).

    These are all super simple to play and are usually best played in auto mode. But what sets them apart from other games is how you can use any cryptocurrency you may have freely and how you get to fine-tune your bets. In the dice game, for example, you can choose which numbers you are going to bet on and the game shows you exactly how good your odds are and what your winnings might be like.


    Of course, if these don’t sound that great to you, you always have a library of 5,000 games and a live casino library of under 500 titles. Jackpot games, sadly, don’t have their own spotlight.


    Overall, I was really impressed with how enticing the BC Originals were, despite being just modernized table games. If you do end up visiting BC.Game (and you should), definitely check them out!

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