How much can you win with the no deposit bonus?

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    Hey there, dawgs!
    Another day, another person asking me how they can win the jackpot with the no deposit bonus! Oh they don’t care if it’s hard or not, cos they got nothing to lose, or so they say.


    Dawgs, don’t get too excited about the no deposit bonus. Just don’t.
    No deposit bonuses should be viewed more as advanced demos rather than free turns at a casino.

    I can tell you right now, out of 100 people who take on a no deposit bonus, maybe 1 of them will actually manage to score something.

    The real question is: is it worth it? NO, not really.

    Ok, so let’s take a look at our typical no deposit bonus. Most of the time, the no deposit bonus will have either 10 of 20 free spins. Now, once you’ve claimed this bonus, you have to take turns in those free spins. Now, let’s say you actually earn a bit on those free spins, for the sake of this example. Now, you gotta wager those winnings. How much do you have to wager them for? 50, 60, 70, heck, sometimes x99. Yeah, no deposit bonuses really aren’t designed to be withdrawn as you can tell. Why they technically have to give you the possibility of earning some money, they can make it as difficult (as impossible) as they want to.

    But wait! There’s more.

    For the sake of this example, let’s say you do actually manage to meet the ridiculous wagering of x99. Let’s say you somehow beat the odds and are one of the very few lucky ones. Now what? Now, you ask for a withdrawal, right? Ohhhhh, the casino is going to need some info on you before you can get your funds. Yessir, depending on the casino policy you’ll have to provide things like IDs, Utility bills, birth certificates and, my personal favorite, make a deposit in the casino.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard that right, you may have to make a deposit in order to withdraw your NO deposit bonus.

    And after all that pain and torture, how much can you get from the No deposit bonus? $20-$40. Don’t believe me, check the casino bonus terms and conditions. WHatever the number is, it ain’t going to be high. Is it worth it? HECK, NO!

    Listen to your boy, Derrick and don’t get excited about no deposit bonuses. Think of them as glorified demos and don’t stress over winning them. They were never really designed to be withdrawn in the first place. Peace, dawgs!

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