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    Hey there, bro. I had something on my mind the other day and I wanted to share it with the rest of you.
    I want to talk about restricted countries.

    Yup, you may want to play your favorite real-money games only to find out that your entire country is on the blacklist. But, WHY?
    Why exactly is your country on the blacklist? Well, dawg, even if you get in touch with that particular casino they will probably just give you the good ol’ corporate talk of:

    “It is the casino’s policy”, “We are currently working VERY VERY VERY hard to get your country approved”, “Various circumstances have made us make this decision”. In other words, they won’t tell you.

    Fortunately, you’ve got your boy Derrick here, who will tell you the most common reasons why a country may be on the online casino’s restricted country list.

    1. Strict Online Gambling Laws – Every country in the world has its own gambling laws. At the same time, every country also has its own ONLINE gambling laws and these can be night and day. For example, US brick-and-mortar casinos are everywhere and are accessible to everyone as long as they are over 21. However, they are super strict with online gambling laws that it’s almost absurd. Like, less than five US states are allowed gamble online and even then, they have  to jump over a few hoops.
      UK casinos are also really strict but not as much as US. They also like to nitpick which kinds of games they will allow and which aren’t suited for their residents.
      So, as you can see, it really all comes down to the online gambling laws in each country.
    2. Bonus abusers/Cheaters – This one is unfair but kind-of understandable. Online casinos really hate cheaters and bonus abusers. Fighting them is time-consuming and expensive. Because of this, they would rather just… not do it. If a casino notices that the majority of cheaters and bonus abusers come from a certain location, they will often just ban the country. I know, I know, it sucks for people who just want to play legit, but unfortunately, that is the reality we live in.
    3. Low average income per country – This one is just BS. Sometimes, when someone establishes a new online casino, they might go: “Let’s only allow rich people in”. Of course, since doing a background check on every player would be time-consuming (not to mention, Illegal), the casino will simply ban countries that have low average income. Honestly, dawg, money is money IMO. If people want to gamble, you should let them, no matter how much they earn. I say, screw those casinos, dawg. You can find a better one, don’t worry.

    That’s about it, dawgs. To end this on a positive note: there are a ton of good online casinos out there that will be happy to accept you (and your money) no matter where you live. If you’ve got money to burn, there are plenty of casinos out there that will happily let you use their incinerator.

    Peace, dawgs.

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    I’d respect casinos more if they just flat out said: “We don’t want you playing here” but that would be a PR nightmare.
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