Revenue-Generating Factors of the Binance Clone Script

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    In recent times, the number of cryptocurrencies is drastically increasing, so there will always have a demand for cryptocurrencies and listing them in the crypto exchanges.

    For listing those cryptocurrencies, a fee amount is required, which is what we call listing fees.

    The true tally is likely much higher, said Luciano Regis, a lawyer representing dozens of victims. He said one of his clients enlisted her husband, mother, brother, sister-in-law and an 82-year-old aunt, investing a total 822,000 reais (about $150,000).

    The withdrawal fee is applicable for those who withdraw their cryptocurrency or fiat currency, a percentage of the withdrawal fee is deducted from the withdrawal.

    Especially in a crypto exchange platform like Binance, withdrawal fees are one of the major contributors to the revenue it generates.

    The chubby young man in thick-rimmed glasses was also gaining a taste for the high life, police and prosecutors said.

    Dos Santos bought expensive jewelry and a swanky apartment as contracts poured in from elsewhere in Latin America and as far away as the U.S., Europe and the Gulf.

    Making use of margin trading, a user can leverage their position by purchasing stocks with a small quantity of collateral, such as cash or another asset.
    As a result, the exchange owner will be able to put up a proportion of interest and generate significant profits using this business model.

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    Bathers dive into the waters of Fort Beach in Cabo Frio, Brazil, Wednesday, Dec.

    15, 2021.

    Things came to a head on April 28 when Rio federal police, acting on an anonymous tip, seized the 7 million reais at the helipad of the Insolito Boutique Hotel in Buzios, a short drive from Cabo Frio.

    A monthslong investigation into dos Santos’ business followed.

    Looking at these exciting and high profit-generating revenue modules, many entrepreneurs are aspiring to create a crypto exchange platform like Binance.

    If you are an entrepreneur thinking the same thing, then you are on the right path or the right start for your business career. All these revenue-generating features can be easily incorporated into the development of your crypto exchange like Binance with the readily available Binance clone script.

    Police say the company owned by 38-year-old Glaidson Acácio dos Santos had total transactions worth at least $7 billion ($38 billion reais) from 2015 through mid-2021 as part of a Bitcoin-based Ponzi scheme that promised investors 10% monthly returns.




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