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    Make sure that you invest time to look around for top priced sword that you could find. Some owners and collectors price their swords too expensively. However, it relies upon on your own judgment if you’d want buyer a pricey sword. Usually, the price comes with great value can increase whenever take care and handle it basically. Swords are after all, made being handled with perfect craftsmanship and frame of mind. It would definitely increase in value as long as you are aware how to handle it.

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    During the game, also it face with many zombies. The zombies are green in color and are equipped with weapons for sword, and one large guitar. The character moves very fast in the technology race. By default, you start with 4 lives. Any time you kill a zombie, you will be rewarded with points. The score is displayed comprising left corner of this specific unit. The health bar is represented in red colorization. The health bar is discovered on the top right corner within the screen.



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