Tired of Banks and their BS? Take the Bitcoin route!

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    Disclaimer: I’m not speaking from experience but based on things I heard from friends.

    Alright, dawgs, a bunch of my friends who are into online gambling told me how much they hate banks. It seems that no matter which payment method they use (Credit Card, E-wallet, Bank Transfer,…) the bank always has something to say about it. Suddenly, fees start to appear on your account that you weren’t aware of and the bank “accidentally” took a cut of your withdrawing. Now, I never personally had this happen to me, but if you happen to live in a region where this is the case, might I suggest you try Bitcoin?

    Yeah, with Bitcoin, banks can simply kiss your a**. Deposit in bitcoin and withdraw in bitcoin to your very own bitcoin wallet. It’s really not as hard as it looks. The only time you might have to deal with them again is if you want to turn your bitcoins into your local currency but that’s another story. I actually wrote a whole guide on this that’s coming soon to https://casino-bros.com/. Stay tuned, dawgs.

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    Even though I prefer FIAT, I have to admit that it does seem likely that we will be using Crypto a lot more in the future.
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