What casinos want? VS. What players want?

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    Sup, dawgs.
    So lately I’ve been thinking about the weird relationship between online casinos and the players that visit them.
    Online casinos always say that they want to give us exactly what we want and so-and-so but we all know that’s not really the truth. So let me be frank for a minute or two, dawgs.

    Online casinos want our money. How much money? As much as they can get. Preferably all of it and then some. If online casinos would get away with it, they would simply take our money and give nothing back. In fact, isn’t that what social casinos do? Regardless, when you dawgs visit almost any online casino in the world, you are pretty much letting yourself into a money funnel for the online casino. You might be able to splash your way out of the funnel and maybe earn a bit but most likely you’ll just be a source of income for the online casino. That’s all there is to it. Casinos don’t look at us as players, dawgs. They view us as money bags that are waiting to pour their contents into the casino funnel.

    What do us players want? Well, in reality, I can only speak for myself, dawgs, but I’m pretty sure that nobody who visits an online casino wants to be inside the money funnel. Some players may wish to make a profit, and to them I say: that’s probably not going to work out for you, dawg. You got better chances of getting a better job or an awesome promotion than winning big at a casino.

    I do it for that thrill of knowing there’s a chance I might win. Yes, I know that in the end I’ll probably lose my money, but that thrill of the slim chance that I will win… that’s always there. As far as I’m concerned, the deposit I make is my entrance fee to the most exciting game of my life, the one I can play over and over again. Win or Lose, the thrill is there and your boy Derrick lives for the thrill.

    So, as you can see, online casinos and us players clearly want different things. While they just want money, we want the thrills. Unfortunately, we can get our thrills with the minimum deposit while the online casino would rather have our entire paycheck.

    I guess what I’m trying to say here is: don’t play for the money, play for the thrill. If you play for the money, you will just be another drop in the money funnel. If you play for the thrill, you will more or less be immune to becoming an addict.

    What is your opinion on this, dawgs? Let me know, cos I’m actually really curious?

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    Online casinos want money. Players want money. It’s a power struggle but casinos have an advantage.


    See, Derrick, I didn’t need to write an essay about it, bro.

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